First drabble

Yeah. Drabble. Google it – or better yet I’ll just tell you. It’s a full story in 100 words. Depending on the site it could be fewer than 100 or exactly 100. Mine’s currently at 98. I’m still doing some work on it and no one has read it yet. I’ll definitely submit it at some point soon – maybe to 100 Word Story or to Drablr.

Anyway, much harder than I would have thought. It started out at 270 words and I thought it was decent. Trimming it back to 100 was an exercise in editing and word choice, but it was really a great experience. Even if the story doesn’t end up anywhere, it was time well spent. I will certainly look at all my writing differently from this point forward.

Ha – I’ve actually used more words to describe the drabble than it actually contains!


4 thoughts on “First drabble

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