“Hack Your Reader’s Brain” review

I recently attended a CSWriters group and met Jeff Gerke. I listened to him speak about his new book, “Hack Your Reader’s Brain.” The book sounded fascinating and even though Jeff had summarized it in his presentation, I bought a copy for myself.

It’s a quick read – 66 pages – but well worth your while. Jeff starts out with a humorous exploration of his past teachings on writing, wondering why incredibly poorly written novels can be so successful. While reading Amazon reviews he discovered there is a difference between what the common reader believes is quality as compared to a more judgmental editor/reader.

Much of the book is built around studies done to explore the chemical reaction of movie viewer’s bodies against what they’re watching. He then suggests very similar techniques for authors.

The result is that the book helps articulate strategies that authors can implement to help their work be more attractive, attention-catching and attention-holding. I took note of the built-in exercises Jeff suggests and am trying them out within the context of this month’s NaNoWriMo2017 rather than using them as independent tasks. So far I’m happy with his suggestions and will continue to keep his ideas in mind as I write.

The book is inexpensive, short, direct and effective. What else do you need?

Comments welcome below or at dmgwrites on Twitter.

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