I’m a winner!

At NaNoWriMo2017 that is! Finished the 50,000 word goal this morning (and Happy Thanksgiving everyone). So I’m at around 100,000 in my work in progress. Overall goal is around 120,000 words so that I have room for some editing. Generally fantasy novels are 90,000-120,000 words, so that’s the range I’m shooting for.

Anyway, thrilled to have finished. I had several goals in mind when I started on November 1. I wanted to jump start myself back into creative writing and a daily word challenge seemed like a good way to do that. I also wanted a distraction from my musical hobby, and this project did that very well. I’ve also worked on this novel idea for many years, off and on, and I felt like I really wanted to commit to it and give the piece the attention it deserves.

I’m really excited about the novel. It is set in a world that I’ve contemplated for many years. This a post-apocalyptic setting based on a natural disaster that plunges your typical fantasy world into a mini ice age. At the time of this book the ice age is ending and men, orcs, elves and dragons are beginning to re-explore the world around them. An unlikely group of heroes come together to combat a reawakening evil while traveling through the devastated landscape.

I’ve also got a few ideas for some future books set in this world – in fact I have a significant amount of work done in a series that takes place some decades after the current novel. I also have a series of short story ideas that will fit around these books. Ultimately I’d like to see two trilogies and several stand alone novels and short stories. That’s many years into the future, I’m sure. And it assumes a certain amount of success.

I’m going to continue writing for this novel, but I’m also going to refocus on some other stories and tasks. I have a flash fiction piece called “Lives Not Lived” that I’ve submitted to six places (three of which have rejected it so far). I believe I have several other places that I can submit it to. I’ll do that this weekend. I also have a series of short stories that are unrelated to anything else that I want to work with. Two are meant to be humorous and a third is much more dark and serious. I’m excited to be giving them some attention.

So that’s my catch up post. I’ll be posting some more content regularly now and I hope to be putting up useful information as well. Maybe I’ll summarize what I’ve learned from NaNoWriMo at some point soon.

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