Writing about rascals! Strom and Ash…


So I’ve decided to back off on flash fiction and drabble. I have a few pieces out there so I have a bit of a portfolio, but now I’m going to focus on something more substantial. I needed to choose between my WiP novel (working title is “White Dragons on a Blue Sky”) and a short story series I’ve played with off and on since college.

I’m going to do the short story series.

I am going to spend the next few months with a pair of rascals named Strom Coalbeard (“The Archmage of the Black Tower of Athar”) and Ash Brightspark (“The Red Dragon of Death”).

These two will caper through a fictional world with a demented carefree attitude in search of the home they’ve forgotten the location of. My vision is to have them star in a 5-10 episode short story series published by a single magazine (print or online). I’ll get to learn more about the query process and the short story world. And I’ll get to learn if they ever manage to find their home. Double win for me!

Strom, nearly a thousand years old (mostly thanks to magic), is hard-of-hearing, cantankerous and a bit perverted. By this point, his magical abilities are virtually limitless, but his imagination is a bit lacking and he’s just no longer impressed with the mundane things of the world.

Ash, his loyal companion, is equally grouchy and significantly older. Being near-sighted has led the pair to plenty of arguments about near-death experiences involving the sides of mountains or other flying beasties. He can transform himself into an elf for those rare times he deigns to take the shape of lesser beings.

Their names live on in legend but the world no longer pays them much attention. They’d taken a well-deserved hiatus from evil-doing and in the process forgotten any ideas of world domination. Now they look for cheap beer and clues as to where their lost Tower and treasure hoard might be located.

I’d welcome suggestions about publishers that would consider a short story series. I’ve got several of the stories written to near-completion status, so I’m ready to get the process rolling.


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