The Plan


Well, I have been rethinking my writing direction for a while. It’s been nearly a year since I decided to make this a more serious hobby. “Hobby” is not really the right word because I’m not just writing fiction “for fun” – but rather it has a serious element for me. However, I’m not intending to be a full-time writer as my source of income. Anyway, that’s an aside.

Last summer I pull out some notebooks and pulled up some computer files that contained two novels I’d started at various points plus a whole series of short pieces of various types. I began playing around with the content of both novels and then when I found NaNoWriMo2017 I threw myself into one of the novels and hit the 50,000 word goal. Good stuff! And I managed to completely burn myself out on that story LOL. So I put it aside and decided to spend serious time working on flash fiction, drabble and short stories. I wanted to see if I could be successful with those styles and to get my creative juices flowing. That worked! I’ve had several pieces put online by various online magazines and I have created some stories that I’m really proud of (see especially “I, Author” “My Favorite Color” and “The Tigershark Jacket“). I’ve also entered a few contests (see “The Star Collector“). I hope I’ve made a bit of a name for myself in a few areas. I also intended to become a participant in the online writing community.

So those goals have been met.

My intention now is to rededicate a significant portion of my writing energy to one of those novels. That means less flash, though I still like the very quick turn around of flash fiction. I’m really excited for this direction and there are a couple of characters in that story that I’m really excited about.

So I guess in summary, things are going well in my creative world (if not in my “real world”). I’ve done what I wanted to do and proven to myself that I am capable of providing entertainment, and now it’s time to step it up to a larger scale. I’m excited for this opportunity.

I hope any of you who read this blog will follow the rest of my journey!


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