June / July summary

Well June and July have been very busy! Let’s see if I can recap…

Strom and Ash have been adventuring!

  • The Great Cherry Battle” was put up by The Evening Theatre on June 12th. This is part 3 in the series.
  • The Megalodonis slated for July IS OUT! It is part 4 in the series, so make sure you’re caught up on parts 1, 2, 3.
  • Part 5 will be the series conclusion and will be out this summer.

I was awarded 2nd place by the Judges and 2nd place by readers at Blank Page Challenge for my steampunk flash fiction story entitled “Agent and Smuggler.” Special thanks to Steampunk Journal for posting it as well. I enjoy this genre and may continue to write more stories with Annie and Michael.

I’ve been contributing almost daily to #vss365 on Twitter. It’s a lot of fun and sometimes the only creative writing I get to do in a day. I actually got stumped by a few of the prompts but most of them have been really fun. I’m always amazed by the breadth of interpretation and imagination of the authors on Twitter.

I’ve written a couple of Drabble to be submitted this month for consideration.

I’m writing a flash fiction piece for an upcoming contest.

I’m looking forward to a productive second half of the summer!