November? How did that happen?

Well it’s been several months since I’ve made any updates to the site. It’s been weird and busy.

I landed two technical writing jobs in August that have 1) consumed an immense amount of time, and 2) sucked the life right out of my creative writing. Luckily, both of those things seem to be waning nowadays. I’ve got a couple of very cool creative writing projects on track.

The first is “Scars, Free” or “Free, Scars,” I haven’t decided which. Regardless, it’s a dystopian thing that I sincerely hope will land a place at Apparition Literature in their “Resistance” themed edition. Readings open in four days, so we’ll see.

The second project is a return to the Absurd Adventures of Ash and Strom. The five part series at Evening Theatre seemed to go over very well. The new episode is a standalone, holiday-themed affair. I’d nearly completed it last December but didn’t have the confidence or really the timing to send it in. I think it’ll be a doozy.

I had to skip NaNoWriMo2018, which was a bit frustrating. Work commitments were just too much for this year. That was a major annual goal for me, but I guess that’s the way it goes.

If my math is roughly correct, I’ve had 17 publications of some sort this year. Several have been Drabble, several have been Flash, two 2nd Places in the Blank Page Challenge, plus the Ash and Strom short story series. Pretty darn happy with that for my first year of casually serious writing.