Yeehaw a holiday story with Ash and Strom

Woohoo finishing the year strong with a standalone holiday story featuring Strom Coalbeard and Ash Brightspark. These two are in trouble again, this time in a small down where a troll interrupts the holiday festivities. Strom is a reluctant Santa, while Ash has transformed himself into an elf (his regular dragon form would scare everyone). And you get to meet Max the Dog.

After you finish, you can go check out more of their troublemaking in “The Absurd Adventures of Ash and Strom,” put out last summer by The Evening Theatre. The five story series was very popular on their site and I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy it. Don’t expect anything deep or particularly mature – the two characters are silly and they don’t take life too seriously. Maybe that’s the lesson…

The Absurd Adventures of Strom and Ash:

  • The Misplaced Tower – story 1
  • One Slick Dragon – story 2
  • The Great Cherry Battle – story 3
  • The Megalodon – story 4
  • The Homecoming – story 5