2019 Plans

Well, 2018 is over and it was a big year for my writing. In fact, it was far more fulfilling and eventful than I’d anticipated. So now it’s time to figure out what to do with 2019.

First, I’ve selected several online/paper publications that I really want to get into. I’ve sub’d to several of these and always received polite declines. I really want to get my name in there! These include Ellipsis, Cabinet of Heed, The Forge, Apparition Lit, Arcanist, Steampunk Journal, and Glimmer Train. I’ll be tailoring my submissions toward these specifically. I’m excited for the challenge.

In addition, I intend to make some serious changes to my WIP novel. I’ve worked on this novel off and on for many many years. In 2018 I used NaNoWriMo to really make great forward progress. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do the same for 2019. However, I recently read several steampunk series (by my current favorite author Lindsay Buroker) that inspired me to reconsider the entire novel with a steampunk theme. Local steampunk coffee shop JavaPunk also contributed to my inspiration. I’m really excited about this idea and once a few contract jobs finish up I hope to be able to spend some energy on the WIP. It’s working title is “White Dragons on a Blue Sky”. The steampunk thing is getting more and more intriguing to me.

I need some Scrivener and Aeon skills, too, so learning those are on my list. I also want to find ways to make this blog more useful, and not just about my projects.

So it should be a fun and interesting year from a writing perspective. I’m also going to be doing even more with music. A buddy and I are starting a recording project this month, and our band is going to be recording a couple of the tunes I wrote. The recordings are “serious” or for public consumption, but the process will really help. I hope someday to be able to expose the songs to the real world. We’ll see.

So Happy 2019 to y’all. Let me know in the comments below what you’ll be working on. Please follow me on Twitter and let me know your goals there too!


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