2019 Cosine Convention, Carrie Vaughn, steampunk

Attented one day of the 2019 COSINE convention here in Colorado Springs. Lots of author focus and some great panels. I really enjoyed it and I think I learned a lot.

First, I was able to get some additional perspective on a genre that’s been fascinating to me for several months now: steampunk! In fact, I’m going to shift my primary WIP novel project to steampunk. Or rather to steam-magicpunk (remember, you heard that term first here, folks!). I’ve thought for some time that the novel probably deserves a re-write, since I created a whole new storyline during NaNoWriMo2017 – a storyline that I tacked on to the existing work with bubblegum and baling wire. The concepts are good, the plot is solid. It just needs a mulligan to make everything flow more correctly. So at the same time I’ll put in a dwarven steam locomotive, gas/oil lighting, small steam engines, etc. I’m very excited to change the environment around the characters. I anticipate something very unique and very interesting.

The next thing I found at the con was a whole new list of writers to be intrigued by. The Guest of Honor was Carrie Vaughn, whom I’d heard about but hadn’t read. I’m now interested in checking out her Kitty series, as well as other short stories, etc. I’m also curious about the works of the following authors:

Carrie Vaughn also mentioned the Wildcards anthology project, Tor.com, and the Baen free library. A variety of other books were mentioned that I jotted down through the course of the day.

A long To Do list! For those that might read more of my blog entries, you know To Do lists are kinda my thing.

I’m sad to say that I discovered this con just as it is ending – there won’t be any future COSINE’s. Very sad. Still, it inspired me, gave me lots of ideas, perhaps let me make a few contacts in the industry, and most importantly, it was fun!

I’ll put that in the Win column!

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