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Forever Moor – July  2020

Yeehaw – excited to have a second piece in The Cabinet of Heed! This story is well outside my normal bounds. No idea where in my head it came from, but I guess it may be a decent reflection of how 2020 is going. Glad I wrote it – it’s nice to do something different.

Well now, it’s a good month! The Arcanist awarded me 3rd place in their Western-themed flash fiction contest. This one will end up in an anthology available from Amazon, and it included a monetary prize. Pretty cool!

Here it is: Hell’s Sheriff – April 2020

This summer I achieved one of my primary goals, which was publication in one of the leading e-zines, Cabinet of Heed. CoH re-published my flash piece “The Star Collector” in Issue 21. This is one of my favorite pieces and I’m very excited to see it included with so many other wonderful stories.

Enjoy it here: The Star Collector – July 2019

As noted below, my 5 story series “The Absurd Adventures of Ash and Strom” was made available last summer. As of today, a standalone holiday-themed story featuring Ash and Strom is available at Beneath The Rainbow! Please check it out! Comments are welcome, share it on social media, or just get a good chuckle.

San Taclaus – 12/9/2018

I am very very excited to announce that my short story series “The Absurd Adventures of Ash and Strom” has been accepted by The Evening Theatre! They will be putting out each episode approximately monthly. I’m very proud of this.

Please take some time to read each and I welcome feedback! (FYI Ash has informed me that he has some plans for the holidays and might have a story or two for me to jot down…).

A Million and One Magazine – I really like the way this story turned out. Hopefully a positive, happy ending for today’s world. Feedback welcome and I hope you enjoy it.

Riggwelter Press: My Favorite Color – 5/1/2018. This was the first story that I had accepted and I am very excited it is now available. I feel it’s one of my best-written pieces.

Blank Page Challenge: as of 3/7/2018 I’m in the top 3 for this competition! Voting closes on 3/15/2018 if you’d care to vote for any of the stories. Mine is entitled “The Star Collector.” All stories were based on the photo prompt, so be sure to look at the picture first, then read all three.

I am very proud to say “The Star Collector” finished 2nd place in both the judge’s ranking and the reader votes. I’m very proud of that piece. Thank you to everyone that voted!

Blank Page Challenge – AGAIN! as of 7/3 my piece “Agent and Smuggler” as been awarded Judge’s Second Place and is now open for reader votes for the finals of the top 3. Please vote by Friday July 6th for your favorite!

The Fiction Pool: 4/6/2018 “I, Author” has been put out by The Fiction Pool. A fun story to write, it considers the possible creative aspect of a computer who uses an archaic tool to create its master piece.

Friday Flash Fiction:

Who Writes Short Shorts: has my drabble “The Guitar” featured for their theme of “New Beginnings.” I was honored by their choice as years ago my guitar purchase was indeed a whole new beginning for me. 1/23/2018

Who Writes Short Shorts: has my flash fiction story “The Pilot” up as of 2/6/2018. It was a fun piece to write – a bit dark and twisted compared to a lot of my other writing. I hope everyone enjoys it!

101Words:  put out “The Blue Chair” on 2/10/2018. A fun little piece that hopefully has a surprise at the end for you. Don’t forget to leave a review!

Drabblez Magazine: Issue 2 on 4/4/2018. Drabble stories are 100 words or less, so these are nice quick reads for you. The first is “Healer” (p 45) which is tied to my work-in-progress novel and the second is a rather twisted one-off called “Twins” (p 46).

Submissions are out all the time for various drabble, flash and short pieces. I hope this list gets long enough to break the Internet. Please remember to leave comments when you can – it really helps!    🙂