The Pirate Queen

So for a Twitter prompt called #whoneedsahero I put together a little story of a pirate queen threatening her lover. I enjoyed it, so the next week I just tacked on another scene. I did that two more times and now I’m finding that I have a fun little naughty thread going. I’ll keep adding to it on Twitter, but I thought I’d document it post by post here as well.

Please note that I’m a writer, not a mathematician & I have the part numbers screwed up. It doesn’t bother me, don’t let it bother you. 🙂


“Going somewhere?” she asked with a sultry smile, pressing the saber point to my chest. The pirate ensemble emphasized her incredible figure. I wondered if the saber piercing my heart would hurt as bad as her beauty piercing it had.

 PART2: I knocked the saber away, deciding to allow her beauty into my heart, but not her blade. Lunging forward, I tumbled her to the deck. “Mmm somebody brought their own sword to the fight,” she purred. It was time for me to search for the hidden treasure.

Heaving, she flipped me over her head, giving me a butt full of splinters & releasing an unmanly shriek from my throat. Landing astride me, she bounced a few times, badly stressing her corset’s laces. “Time to get you off – my ship, that is.”


“I’ll stay,” I said. “I like the direction we’re headed, Captain.” “Everyone here contributes,” she sliced her saber point through my shirt buttons, exposing my chest. “What can you do?” “I’m a navigator.” I eyed her body. “I find all the hidden places.”