Some stories are gone… dang it!

Well, I’ve recently discovered that a couple of the online mags that published stories of mine are no longer in existence. That means the stories aren’t available anymore. I’m not certain what to do about it yet. I think my options are to resubmit them to other online mags (many of whom don’t accept republications) or to post the stories here. I’ll have to figure it out sometime soon.

I certainly appreciate how difficult it must be to run one of these magazines – especially one of the free ones. I’m sure it’s a very difficult endeavor. These magazines give opportunities to so many writers.

At least one of the stories missing is “The Tigershark Jacket,” which is one of my favorites. I’d really like to make that one available again.

Hopefully, I’ll make time this month to address this problem.


April 2020

Well, I pretty well let this go over the last year. I didn’t have much traffic regardless and was focused on other aspects of writing and work. I did get to attend COSine 2020 again this year, which was cool. That was just before the COVID-19 shit storm. I’ve made some progress on my steampunk/gaslamp fantasy novel, and written some short stories and flashes. Won 3rd in The Arcanists Westerns flash fiction contest with Hell’s Sheriff, which was very cool. It’ll be in an anthology that will be available on Amazon sometime this month.

Asked to be a guest blogger

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of being asked to write a guest post for J.E. Masterman. I jumped at the chance, and decided to write about my current fascination, which is steampunk. My post provides a bit of background on this genre, some reading suggestions, and a few things for you to watch for in everyday life that might be steampunk-influenced.

Check it out here!

Also, keep an eye out for Jennifer’s guest post here! Nothing like returning the favor.