BlankPage Challenge – 2nd place (judges)

Wow! I’m thrilled to have been awarded 2nd place by the judges for my entry to the BlankPage Challenge. For the next week or so now readers can vote on their favorite of the top 3 stories.

My story is entitled “The Star Collector” and is based on the photo prompt provided by BPC. I liked the photo and was a bit surprised by where it took me in the story. It was a rewarding story to write, though a bit different from my usual work.


After the contest ends I’ll put up some more personal and more specific analysis, as there are some interesting comments and assumptions being made about the story. For now, I’m going to allow everyone to enjoy it as is.

Big thank you to the folks at BlankPage Challenge for organizing and maintaining this contest. It’s fun and I look forward to future entries.

I’m blown away by the quality of the other two stories in the top 3 and I encourage you to follow those writers closely. They are doing some great work. Please vote for your favorite story.

Jill Patrick’s site can be found here.

Brittany Miller’s Amazon site can be found here.

I want to encourage everyone to take part in these kinds of competitions. They foster a sense of community, broaden our horizons and give us unique challenges we might normally assign to ourselves. I believe that Flash Fiction in general can help novel writers be more concise and word-conscious. BlankPage Challenge has a calendar for the rest of the year.

Good luck, all!



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